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Smoke without fire: Japan becomes test ground for real tobacco e-cigarette

By Taiga Uranaka and Ritsuko Shimizu

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Wonder if this will surpass e-cigs, as that trend seems to be flat lining.

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How about stopping smoking?

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The liquid ones in america stink. They give me asthma attacks.

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As long as they dont bother non-smokers, smoke all you want.

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Will it mean that there will be less inconsiderate smokers tossing their cigarette butts on the ground/out of their cars? Or do they have the same (toxic, generally non-biodegradable) filters as regular cigarettes?

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The Philip Morris version has butts similar to real cigarettes. So, yes, expect to see them on the ground.

That said, people smoking these types of cigarettes are probably more conscientious of others and are less likely to be rude.

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No surprise Japan is a key driver of what WHO calls the "global tobacco epidemic".

Tobacco's regulator, J Gov., still retains a 33.3% stake in Japan Tobacco, with its attendant revenue. Food for thought for anyone hoping for a smoking ban for the Olympics.

Elsewhere, Japan Tobacco International (which sold 400 billion cigarettes in 2014) threatens to sue Ireland (a pioneer in Europe's success in reducing cancer by banning smoking in bars and restaurants 12 years ago) over its plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.


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