Soaring costs has Toyota mulling Japan price hike


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Way to boost slumping sales, guys.

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Toyota sales will nose dive will soaring costs and expensive energy costs.

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if you are in the market for a car/truck -buy it now. 2009 will not be cheaper.

The U.S. Dollar is worth less, energy costs are higher, commidity prices are higher = companies can only hold the prices down for so long.

I think the 1-3% is too modest. Closer to 10%.

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Even the mighty Toyota got caught flat-footed in this global mess.

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This article nails Toyota's domestic sales problem on the head. A car in Japan is a luxury for weekend get aways for the most part. How often do you need to replace a car when you only drive a few hundred km a week? Raising prices in the domestic market certainly won't help this situation. As an aside the article leaves out that Toyota is paying the price in North America for aping the big three and going into larger trucks that no one is buying now.

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Japan has a massive, efficient public transportation system

Yes, yes it does. It also has plenty of bicycles :)

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