SoftBank's Son loses $130 mil on bitcoin: report


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Well, guess everything Son touches doesnt actually turn to gold every time. Although I rather doubt he is going to really feel any pain from the loss.

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after the digital currency had already risen more than 10 fold that year.

The 10 fold increase should have been a warning NOT to invest.

When something rises that fast that quickly, the risk of the bubble bursting goes through the roof.

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He maybe a good business man but he is a bad trader.

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I'm with Scrote.  He will die if cheap money finally ends.  and if you think this 130 mill is a lot wait till his Uber and other "startup" losses start piling up.

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Most of Son's empire is built on debt. It will end in tears one day.

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He won't feel that one bit (get it, bit, ha ha).

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Exactly Azzprin and Fourice, he should stick to investing and business, rather than speculating big money on bubble instruments.

You'd think he'd have enough sense to know better. I too bought a nominal amount of crypto in 2017, but it was because I was knowing full-well that it was a bubble!

In time, the most successful applications of DLT won't be in cryptocurrency, I suspect.

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If you think this is not fodder for public "news" consumption then more fool you. Yes i wear a tin foil hat!

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