SoftBank closes deal for Sprint, Clearwire


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Having recently been mired down for months in the red tape of Softbank Japan on their mobile and internet divisions (switching payment sources from Credit Card to Bank), I can only hope that Softbank Japan will learn and benefit from the ease in which consumers stateside can access their accounts online and by phone to effect simple changes.

I can't imagine any 'best practices' on the consumer side being transferred to the USA.

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I hope my Softbank Iphone will be able to use the Sprint network when I get off da plane when I gets back to da USA and with NO INTERNATIONAL ROAMING FEES! The Sprint folks too should get this service here in Japan via the SB network!! IMHO!!

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;o! Honestly I am happy to hear such news. If think what this really means. I am assuming we will be seeing "Japanese Softbank" phones in United States? I really hope that is what it means. I would love to see their models be promoted in the states.


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Elbuda Mexicano just go back to Mexico don't even go to the US I bet you don't have papers to enter either country anchor baby!

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