SoftBank reported in talks to buy DreamWorks


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An acquisition of DreamWorks by SoftBank would make it part of a cash-rich Japanese communications and media company that, under founder and chief executive Masayoshi Son, has shown a willingness to take big bets on combining disparate businesses.

Good on Son. Great to see a Japanese CEO who truly thinks outside the box. He knows that content will be critical as mobile continues to grow as an entertainment device, so this makes complete sense.

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Softbank is panic buying US companies. What's happening to the other Jcompanies. Not enough cash or the yen's too low?

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Softbank is panic buying US companies.

Nonsense. Son is making strategic acquisitions in the world's largest economy, because he knows Japan will continue to decline. And he's sitting on a pile of cash, plus still owns a huge share of Alibaba. Too bad more Japanese CEO's do not have his vision.

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Good for Son. At least the $4 billion he made off of Alibaba gets a chance to grow into something greater...

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He seems to choose to buy these COs the same way mere mortals (we) buy stuff. 'Oh, can't buy this bike this month so I will get that new smartphone...'

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Softbank can also suggest and introduce lots of great manga and anime that Dreamworks might remake.

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Confused by the title. Is he buying DreamWorks or DreamWorks Animation?

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I'm surprised the Chinese didn't buy it first considering how popular Kung Fu panda was in China and overseas.

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The talks were first reported by the Hollywood Reporter, which quoted an unidentified source as saying a buyout would value DreamWorks at $3.4 billion.

Seems a tiny amount of money compared to facebook's software purchases

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@jerseyboy Remember few years back when the yen was all-time high against the USD, JCorps was indeed panic buying foreign firms not only US'. Softbank is just exanding assets. Japan is still profitable in the future, SB is just extending arms.

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This is an interesting gamble for SoftBank, a company known for taking chances with their investments. They nearly bought the assets of T-Mobile USA, but backed off with the US government regulators started to voice objections and SoftBank--who owns Sprint Nextel in the USA--started to figure out it would be too expensive to combine the two companies because Sprint Nextel uses CDMA and T-Mobile USA uses GSM for their digital cellular service.

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Sounds like a good move, I'd look for Softbank to try and buy a piece of a music label next.

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geez Softbank are in debt up to there eyeballs, I understand that calculated risks are required to build a business but lets hope things go Softbanks way otherwise that a mighty big bankruptcy that the J taxpayer will probably have to pay for.

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geez Softbank are in debt up to there eyeballs

Are they really? I ask honestly, as I don't know. But this line from the article makes it sound like they aren't:

SoftBank held the equivalent of more than $17 billion in cash and equivalents as of the end of June, its most recent reported quarter.

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It's amazing how rich telecommunications companies get -all over the world- for selling a product that could be free/much cheaper.

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Dreamworks owners are not selling to SoftBank unless they think they're getting a good deal themselves.

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