SoftBank supremo eyes rare success with Arm IPO

By Etienne BALMER

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Hey whatever happens he's come a long way from raising chickens and battling discrimination in a society that can be unforgiving.

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The article didn't mention that Son lost more money than any man in history during the meltdown, 70 billion! a record that wasn't broken until Musk's twitter debacle.

Quit while you’re ahead!

He's not ahead. He's hoping this IPO will salvage his very tattered reputation.

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"My hair is not receding. I'm advancing."

And in other news, he is quoted as saying: "Hage JoHo. Kyo wa hage, tokidoki komari da"

Personally, I like the guy and what the does. But I have some inside stories I could tell you about him renting out large restaurants and hotel floors just for him, a friend, and a family member of mine.

We will see some good stuff come from him. Smart man.

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In the past two years Softbank has reported losses of around $20 billion.

He's a supremo douche running a repugnant company. At this rate they'll be out of business.

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Rare success indeed, the SoftBank fund is a joke in what they invest in.

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Desperate for cash as he's leveraged up on loads of losing positions/investments. Strange that they are allowing an IPO of only 10 percent of all outstanding ARM shares. Would not touch with a ten foot pole.

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Quit while you’re ahead!

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