Some investors worry as coronavirus puts question mark over Tokyo Olympics

By Hideyuki Sano and Tomo Uetake

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As Japan struggles to rein in the spread of a coronavirus, some investors are starting to worry the epidemic 

Yeah, but its us that will pay the price for "their" incompetence!

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Olympics are too soon and everyone would still be thinking virus because of China. October is better if they want any Chinese to attend and break even at this point. It's not like the IOC is going to pay Tokyo back. Sports moved can also return back to Tokyo. World Series occurs in a different time zone so it's fine

None of this will happen. Unless it's gone by April there won't be enough tourists to break even in July/Aug.

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I hope the Tokyo OC bought insurance

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I am an investor, and I am not worried at all.

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Investors hate losing money more than anything, so look to the stock market for some indication of what to expect over the next few months. The future is already priced in.

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The virus will become a convenient scapegoat for the financial failure of the Tokyo olympics.

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These concerns have been ‘brushed aside’ by Japan’s omniscient leader-nothing to worry about...

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Japan some other expert come in and develop a policy, because they have, it not about saving face now, but saving lives in Japan, the weather has no effect on the virus and hope is not a solution

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Considering that there are countries now issuing travel warnings to Japan, and that most likely this situation is going to get alot worse before it gets any better, they should worry.

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Number crunching and percentages again with economy nonsense.

I notice it's not filed under 2020 Tokyo Olympics so I suppose it's alright.

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I would postpone it, not call it off.

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I guess they were banking on the Olympic gimmick to push them over to a better economy, if that one fails, whats the plan?

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As Leo said above postponing the Olympics makes the most sense 1. Virus should die out due to hot summer 2. Athletes won’t die die to hot summer win win! 3. Logical idea.... oh whoops!

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I guess they were banking on the Olympic gimmick to push them over to a better economy, if that one fails, whats the plan?

well the joke's on them as only a few Olympic cities have had positive outcomes. Given the overspending and lack of debt payment to begin with, and you have a Montreal Big Owe level disaster in the making. And that was before the virus.

There would have to be miraculous change in the air. Will it follow Montreal Sydney Athens or rise about as London did?

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Japan 100% messed this up with red tape.

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I'd be curious to know more about the public to private funding breakdown

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These investors have more than enough money to overcome this situation.

BTW, is not Dentsu this company that has been involved in bribing to get the games in Tokyo...?

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Time will tell. I for one hope the virus does not impact the Olympics

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For Japan, It seems Japan should have shut down all international airports and all sea ports right after first outbreak in China. Japan made a big mistake. It would do it next time.

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The problem is not 'worrying if Japan will cancel the Olympics' (which it stubbornly won't), the issues is the athletes / countries who will simply refuse to come to Japan due to the risk. If the Olympics goes ahead, there will only be a handful of countries, athletes and almost empty stadiums.

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Fortunately not everyone is that paranoid.

Young and fit athletes should not have more fear of this covid19 than any classical cold or influenza deseases.

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Hosting the game in one city is so dated. It can’t be difficult for Economist to work out why. IOC should updated and host games in several cities every 4 years to spread the Olympics wealth.

London should host London Olympics 2020. Not all events obviously but why not?

I would like to ask if we can do the marathon as prefer watching free events. In short time we better do something about the air quality prompt by banning all cars from London for when you do your policy.

Rest of the world cities leaders should follow Mr Bailey's generous proposal to people of Tokyo, Japan.

From the list of cities put forward, IOC needs assess with emphasis on Environmental concerns

to appoint host cities and NOC.

Infrastructure and hotels are already there and it should even out the air traffic by hosting in different location

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IOC said the Olympics will be held on schedule whatever but maybe without spectators. It seems no country can get ready for all Olympic games instead of Tokyo. The Olympics is only 5 months away. London seems impossible for many reasons.

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The Olympics will go-ahead no matter what (well baring WWIII....) We may just find fewer or no Spectators.

As for the impact. Clearly there's going to be a huge impact in Japan, watch out for the rise in bad loans - Banks could potentially be saddled with debt write-offs, the Government will step in to support them with Tax payers money, and as a result something will have to be dropped - clearly not Military Budget spending...

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