Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics


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said Yoshio Yoshimoto, a 70-year-old contract worker.

Why does the AP just interview random people? Literally you could interview 100 people until you got the reply you wanted for the article.

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Being told to restrict movement and losing the inability to travel freely mean that many people are seeing a reduction in income.

Watching athletes run around at a sports event is not going to be a priority if people don’t have an income, is it?

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Of course. the one is a matter of life and death and the other a pastime.

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Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics

Is there an award for the most blindingly obvious thing to put in a news article title?

Japanese worry more about dying from a horrible disease or losing their jobs than they do about some stupid sporting event which has nothing to do with them? Gee, who knew?

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The headline is stupid, it should be the other way around. It's like saying in all seriousness, "Some people worry more about keeping their job than who won the Best Actor Oscar"

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One "silver lining", kids.... they're out and about playing everywhere in my area. It appears they have loads of time on their hands and are enjoying themselves. It reminds me of when I was young in the USA and enjoyed long summers... loads of free time with nothing to do other than get inventive and try to find something fun to do that did not cost money. I'm happy the kids are having this freedom and are enjoying themselves.

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many Japanese may be more concerned about the virus, what happens to their schools, and the state of the economy. Canceling the Olympics might be a secondary worry.

Quite natural. Olympics/Paralympics is just a month-long event mostly concentrated in Tokyo. Vast majority won't benefit. People across the country will have to survive after the Games regardless of any schedule change due to the pandemic.

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Canceling the Olympics might be a secondary worry.

Might? Wow, the ONLY people who really seem to be "worried" are Koike, Suga, and Abe!

No one else right now really gives a crap!

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This is code for: cancellation, or perhaps postponement, is coming.

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Captain obvious

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This is one of the poorest headlines ever!

As for me, I don't care if I lose my job & then my house, I JUST wanna see me some olympics!!!

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Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics.

I'd say MOST Japanese worry about their family, jobs, economy, and not getting sick. The Olympics is just something Abe worries about.

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Sport events all over the world have been postponed or cancelled, mass gatherings banned, elections cancelled. But not the Olympics.

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The only reason the Olympics are being held in Tokyo at all are because of the massive PR campaign launched in the capital after Tokyo lost out to London for the 2012 Olympics. At the time the IOC said Tokyo failed in its bid because of a lack of public support for the games. The PR onslaught was organised and managed to nudge support for Tokyo 2020 among residents over whatever line was deemed acceptable by the IOC.

People should remember that no city has ever voted to host the Olympics when given a referendum on the matter. None. There was no referendum offered to the people of Tokyo because it would have been defeated.

Global sporting events are being cancelled every day. Medical experts estimate the peak of COVID 19 infection will be in June. Why are the JOC, Japanese government and Tokyo governor Koike still claiming there's no problem?

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Kimura said. “Japan has already given a bad impression to the rest of the world. Given the on-going coronavirus situation in Japan, I don't think we should have the Olympics. It will only make things worse if we hold the games before fully terminating the outbreak."

Kimura san is right, because if you think about it, just think if after people returned back to their countries, and had a pos test for corona virus. The initial glory of "Japan Olympics" would be short lived. Then the Diamond Princess plus the Olympics....hmmm, sounds like a disaster

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tina san gives us insight into some very self oriented thinking. Olympics at all cost, no matter who might suffer.

Gambaru Nippon, take all the gold.

No thanks...played with the snake and been bit. I know that mind set very well. This gaijin will not participate in that.

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Ayaki Ogushi, a 32-year-old office worker, laments a series of cancellations of other sports events in Japan — baseball, soccer and even sumo.

When did sumo get cancelled? Saw it on TV yesterday, no audience, but still sumo! Turn on NHK!

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Some Japanese fret more over economy and virus than Olympics


Hmmm, this is news to me. Thank you for such informative knowledge.

Now that you mention it, I agree. People should worry about everyday things that affect their lives in every way possible.

Not just some one time event that will fill the pockets of corrupt politicians and big company leaders and no one else.

This news has changed my perception on life all together. MInd, blown!

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ALL JAPANESE (except those who make their living off of using public tax payer money) care about the economy than the Olympics!

What a nonsense headline

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Some Japanese.

ie the ones who have their heads screwed on correctly and who have their priorities sorted out sensibly.

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who cares about the Olympics...

we have more important things to worry about!

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Save lives not faces please!

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