Sompo Japan offers 'workation' insurance products


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Workation sounds nice.

Too bad most ossan-managers will just see workation as an excuse for their employees to saboru work.

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Leave it to Japan to go opposite to most developed countries.

Now it will be near obligatory for workers on vacation, days off to be available 24/7 for work and the companies will claim it all as "Workation".

While other developed countries are passing laws to make sure a vacation is actually a vacation and workers can leave phones and laptops behind.

Here comes Japan to figure out how it can legally make people work more even on vacation.

I am so glad I own my business, I may be having a seriously hard time during covid but it sure beats the 24/7 crap I had to put up with before.

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Its ominous... what do you think that means for your current Insurance when "Working from Home" ?

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It is a small amount of support but hopefully the beginning of a trend where proper, regulated work from home can become a reality.

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