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Sompo Japan president to resign over Bigmotor insurance fraud scandal


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Only bow then resign, no arrest?

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Such damage, even if repaired, affects the permanent value of the car. Theft, pure and simple.

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Sompo Japan, which has been sending a large number of employees on loan to Bigmotor

To do what? Wash cars? What qualifications and experience do insurance company staff have that makes them suitable to work in a car dealer?

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The scandal, which has been widely reported over the past few months, has sent a shockwave across the country

Sent a shockwave where? In the backyatd of the local nursery's summer pool?

No charges either. It's a joke.

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Sompo...is that the company who acts like it cares for people by making money on old folks homes?

It's a company that what? makes money from insurance it sells to regular people who make a claim in old age to pay Sompo retirement homes? They get you coming and going.

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So what happens after someone resigns to take responsibility for FRAUD and Scandal? will prosecution accept and let them go?

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scared of the backlash?

Grow another pair shirakawa! Get back in the kitchen and sweat it out like a man.

Running away cops no where in sight. Prosecuters... LOL

Unserious shockwave of fade away Lootery.

Sory not sorry taught em well. All the rosy gold parachute party people jump with all the cash in pockets

and no penalty or prisontimes.

Good times.

Loyal customers just got cranked and shafts.

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'resign to take responsibility' is a much-repeated phrase.... always strikes me more like shirking responsibility, rather than staying on and sorting out the mess.

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I read somewhere that Sompo President Giichi Shirakawa is going to pay back all the money he fraudulently made.........LOL!! I am just joking.

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