Son demotes dad in battle for control of S. Korean conglomerate Lotte


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It's a shame that running these zaibatsu can turn their founding family members against each other. I guess there'll always be power struggles like this in so many different scenarios. When you're 60 and your dad 92, enjoy the fact that you're richer than you'll ever need to be and cheerish your family before they depart from this world (and head to the next one: Lotte World :)

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I would say this is very typical of Koreans in power similar to Korean dynasties in the past.

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Money the root of all evil.

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Lotte is the Korean reading of the characters read in Japanese as 'rakuten', meaning 'optimistic'. If only Pops had known how things would turn out, he might have picked a different name.

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Not zaibatsu, chaebol

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Just like the 'Kandora' my wife watches all day every day.

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