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Sony 'terminates' Indian merger with Zee

By Simon Sturdee and Anuj Srivas

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When in Rome do Roman way, when in India do Indian way. Japan learn that hard way.

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Sony is bigger and better than Zee, so if the point of the merger was to compete with nimble rivals that can be done by Sony alone.

Zee is reaching the end of its reign, which is sad considering it was the original Indian entertainment giant.

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It's unfortunate the merger didn't work out. However, most mergers fail due to value destruction, cultural differences, poor communication and integration. Or incompatibility caused by different business models, different strategies or even different values. Therefore, the failure could be attributed to lack of in-depth research before the Sony/ Zee merger.

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"Different business models" - sure, that's the way to put it nicely. https://www.reuters.com/world/india/how-invesco-indian-tv-giant-zee-got-caught-legal-row-2021-10-13/

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Japan has significant presence in India, third only to the UK and US. Sony is basically an Indian company.

The big issue is what this would mean for competition in India. With Reliance merging with Disney Hotstar, competition in the media sector will be very limited due to the rest being small players.

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