Sony books first annual net profit in five years


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This is a testament that all things (technology, cutting edge design, brand appeal, consumer whims, etc.) considered "equal," the customer still shops price. The weaker yen makes the Japanese product as competitive as Samsung and Apple. That's when other considerations like those listed here come back into play. It's not just consumer electronics but automobiles, white goods, and clothing, too.

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Well I was completely wrong then. I thought that all those executives taking bonus cuts meant that the Sony results would be very red.

Getting rid of chemicals sounds like a good idea, as would be dumping the insurance arm. The Japanese excel at anything visualisable. Financials are invisible, formal systems. Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals are too small to see.

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you were not completely wrong, the profit was achieved in no small part due to the selling off of assets, Tokyo and Manhattan buildings spring to mind. It will be interesting to see the next set of results which, if asset selling is not included, will be more reflective of product performance.

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@timtak The insurance division is the most profitable one in the company.

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I think we would have to see how well Playstation 4 can sell but if Sony decided to sell at a loss or very minimal profit then that would be pretty risky as console gaming isn't what it used to be thanks to smartphones and tablet as well the possibility of cloud gaming.

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Sell Sony shares on rebound and go away.

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There are Sony Entertainment, CBS Sony, Sony CBS, etc in USA. Sony is the main distributor of TV series, movies in USA. After TV shows in USA, Sony credit on about every TV programs (even old old reruns). Sony also has Sony created SmartPhone, etc in USA. Sony brand 3-D TVs are expensive but people seem to buy them in USA. That is just consumer products. Sony began dominating in other area again in USA.

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Sony is awesome! I hope it regains vitality. I love Sony movies like Spiderman and James Bond films. Sony's rumored "HONAMI" smartphone is just mind blowing. In addition the PS4 driving me to my ultimate anticipation.

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Sell Sony shares on rebound and go away.

Crazy. Those have already been oversold, With recent push up & nikkei move, buy on dips.

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