Sony booming in India on strong brand image


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Lucky Sony! Back in America we know of the SONY PRICE and also the SONY warranty theory, Sony price, same camera etc..but way more expensive, Sony warranty, as soon as it expires, bang! There goes the video monitor on your HandyCam, etc..have fun Indian amigos showing off your new Sony products until they go bang, bust etc..

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Yup,present Sony products built just to last to warranty expiration. Last any longer,would mean loss of income dollars.

This is N225 business tactics in 2010s. Gone are the days,when Sony products,used to last for years. 2010s is a different era,from 1980s. 1980s,N225/sony made things to last,to capture customers.

These days ,the just sell Sony products,and people have no choice but to buy ,cause other brands are even more go busty

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@elbudamexicano (fake) My friend, my family uses SONY and several things from others since years ago and I haven't seen any defect except with a TV and to be honest, I have never seen any post-service better than SONY's (new products).

About others... curious to hear comments about that but I don't think SONY acts as SAMSUNG where they try to attribute the defect of your TV to you before checking the problem (we also have samsung and not anymore, sorry (it happened several times, a lot of problems with two TV)

But well, besides your comment, I really feel happy for SONY, they are symbol of quality and Indian people need quality, no just mediocre things from others pretending 'better' through misleading ads.

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At least in India 'It's a Sony' still means something.

Yup,present Sony products built just to last to warranty expiration.

Sony bashing now?

Personally I have nothing but good experiences with Sony products: TV, VCR, radios, cassette and cam recorders and their customer service is excellent.

“We don’t rely on tricks or gimmicks to rise to the top,”

I like that!

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I think Sony products are, on the whole, great!

Never had any major problem with Sony. OK, video camera needed repair after 6 years...cost 12,000yen. First computer in Japan - Vaio - hard disc broke after 5 years (hard disc was Hitachi)...replaced hard disc...pc is fine after 8 years. probs ... and it's well out of warranty. MD Walkman...still going strong after 10 years.

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"Sony has lost money in its core TV business for six years straight, and is on its way to another year of red ink in TVs for the fiscal year ending March 2011." Sounds like a good business,when do they think they might show a profit in their core business,but then again if they show a profit then they have to pay 40% corporate tax,I wonder which they prefer??

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Minello, which would you prefer: keeping 60% of any profit, or losing money?

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