Sony cuts 5,000 jobs, forecasts Y110 bil loss


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Wonder if Sony will ever come back. Probably not. Right now, they seen so far out of touch with what's happening. Must sting...

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Under the theory of Abenomics Sony should be expanding.......shouldn't it?

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Sony is just not too big to fail. They should have bought a bank or nuclear facility and then they could use public money to bail themselves out.

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Another victim of the 1980s Japanese way of doing business: too slow, not innovative. Should have copied Apple from top to bottom when had the chance. Sony could be what Samsung is now: a giant. Well, a giant walking in somebody else's boots. But a giant, anywa.

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Sometimes the most reasonable course of action is to cut your losses and keep moving forward. I hope they come back stronger than ever.

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But, but, but...lifetime employment & compassionate capitalism...this is Japan. Interestingly, their insurance subsidiary is strong. Perhaps they`ll focus on insurance, movies and camera lenses.

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Another Japanese electronics company bites the dust. This is only happening because these companies refused to evolve and change their product strategies. Abenomics is based on corporations keeping their international markets, but these markets do not exists anymore. This is why Abenomics will fail.

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Sony could be what Samsung is now: a giant.

Sony signed their death sentence when they stubbornly refused to change their computer displays and TV's from analogue to flat panel digital screens in the early 2000's. They stubbornly held onto Trinitron screens. Samsung on the other hand saw where the real future lay, and by 2004, Samsung was worth more than Sony by twice. Then every year after that, the gap widened until what you see today. Sony realized their mistake by mid 2000's and they allied with Samsung to buy Samsung panels to put into Sony TV's, but it was way too late.

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The weak Yen hasn't done much to help Sony. They will have a tough job standing out in the market for phones and tablets too.

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I am not going to shed a tear for a company that decided to fleece me of 24,000 yen for a faulty handycam GPS error to be precise that had nothing to do with the usage but rather poor manufacturing. I guess they were trying to narrow the losses thats why they insisted I pay despite my refusal.

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Selfishly, Sony remained stagnant for nearly a decade with eyes wide open on the global uprising of smartphones, and executives riding too long on thier white horses. Since Sony's srength mainly relies on their entertainment arena, it will serve to mention sensory and surveillance equipments is potentially their ticket way out until they bounceback on the face-pace touch screens and smartphones industry.

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I taught a Sony employee. They are moving into medical equipment these days. Sony's Walkman audio is actually the best portable audio player out there, and it sells well in Japan at least. For sound fidelity it makes the iPod look like a toy, but young people want convenience over quality. Sony may never recover its quality status.

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Love Sony! Wish they had listen to me years ago. Perhaps, I would have stayed. The top executive they had in place was only put there because of seniority - no talent or skills. The subsidiary was sold as a result. Sony was ahead of its time back in the day. Had real talented people back then on the junior level. Management was clueless and set in their old traditional ways. Darn. We had created something real brilliant. Sony sold that as well. The US, Australia, and China is where it is nowadays. Would love to see Konami and Panasonic too make a stronger come back.

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Kind of sounds like a death spiral, at least in terms of consumer electronics. Closed their e-book division (I know it's a small market, but e-books are all I read, and it's my understanding that Sony basically created this technology), shutting down the computer division (had a Viao once, loved it), and are loosing their ass on TVs.

It seems that the future of the company lies in entertainment, medical tech, and insurance (over 50% of revenue).

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