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Sony doubles annual net profit forecast


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They double profits...so what? They did it at the expense of "cutting thousands of jobs," selling off assets, and having a bit of luck with foreign exchange rates. This is not growth or in any way positive news for the thousands of people looking for jobs right now.

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Good ! The start of Sony's new rise.

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Sony shouldn't put high expectations on their PS4....

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Good ! The start of Sony's new rise.

Jozabad -- You might just want to temper that enthusiasm and look at the numbers before you jump on that bandwagon. The article says they sold off over $2.2 billion in real estate, plus a chemical division and their holdings in DeNA, yet they will only have a profit for the year of about $400 million. So their actual operations are losing well over $1.8 billion. Not sure that is the start of a "new rise".

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