Sony execs give up performance bonuses


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Performance bonuses should be based on how far into the black they go and not the red. That is weird that someone would expect a bonus for losing money.

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Good... now when is the PS4 coming out??

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Based on Sony`s "performance " under their leadesrhip they should be paying money back into the company instead.

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Sony must invent unique products to thrive. Everything it makes now in the consumer space is "me-too". They cannot survive in a world where Korean companies have mastered high-quality manufacturing, and are where Korean brands are now perceived as delivering very good quality and technical innovation. If Chinese manufactures figure out how to do the same, which they will, the Sony brand will end up being acquired by a Hong Kong based private equity company which will sell off the entertainment and game divisions, and hawk the Sony name to a Korean or Chinese consumer goods maker.

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I really admire Sony. They have a track record of trying to do the right thing, even at the cost of their own financial comforts. The PS3 is a great example-- they believed they were delivering a quality gaming platform that consumers deserved, and so they took losses on each unit manufactured and sold for a significant period of time (don't recall how long exactly, but I believe it was around 2 years or longer)-- basically the exact opposite of Microsoft's rush-it-to-market-despite-the-red-rings policy. Now they're slashing bonuses for executives. There are not a lot of companies willing to do that these days, despite their struggles and poor performances.

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Sony said Tuesday that seven senior executives, including its new chief, will not receive bonuses tied to its latest annual results, which saw the troubled firm post a record $5.8 billion loss.

Hmmm... well I would expect performance bonuses would be tied to performance and considering Sony's dismal performance of course they should not be paid.

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It's a sony... can't help to feel not sorry for them, fat cats sitting at a job trying to justify it

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Sony needs to re-innovate its self otherwise :(

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meaning no more SONY Entertainment for top brass (!)

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Totally agreed with Marcelito , and as far as Mr.Stringer is there no chance for SONY...

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Sony was the paramount of quality for nearly 3 decades, and the greed and incompetence of these executives nearly drove it into the ground!


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@Bob Sneider

"i switched over to samsung and life's been great."

Great, maybe you should move to Korea too, since every single post you make is nagetive toward Japan. Why live in a county you dislike so much ?

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This is why I hate execs the SOBs are supposed to get "bonuses" even when they a real $%#%Y job!

At least this group aint gettin any, needs to be like this at other loser companies as well!

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Sony execs give up performance bonuses

This headline could just as easily read "Sony execs give up." That would more accurately reflect how the company got into this position in the first place.

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I completely agree with all of you that performance bonuses should end as soon as performance stops being good, but it's important to realize that there are countless big corporations on the global market right now which continue to hemorrage money and yet continue to give exorbitant bonuses to lackluster execs. At least Sony is moving in the right direction.

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Despite the general snotty tone of the comments, it is often in the case that executives in Japanese companies lose their bonuses or take a pay cut. By contrast, many of us come from countries where this is certainly not how it's done.

To give a recent disgraceful example, while the UK economy languishes and the average employee and citizen is expected to swallow the whole austerity programme regardless of whether it works or not, executives continue to overvalue themselves to a level that can only be considered offensive to the rest of us. In the current climate we would be called greedy even to request a 5% pay rise. Now read on:

You'll notice that that's a spectacularly high increase, but if you cast your mind back over 2010 and 2011, you may have trouble recalling the stellar economic performance that must have prompted it.

So at least Sony here is doing what's right. Elsewhere in the world, it's basically normal for an exec in a failing company to expect a pay rise. Check out HMV if you want an example.

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The share holders should kick them all out, they are about as useless as Tepco

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They are too stubborn to accept new ideas when it's not coming from their own, like the internet. They are clueless.

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Hope he is setting a moral standard for the rest of American and Japanese business executives. This is a right thing to do. Do you remember GM CEO who was begging US tax payers for a bail out money while he was getting paid the top salary?

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First you need to understand SONY is not domestic company, aiming at only Japanese market. If I take the case of another foreign electronics company, they have a lot of factories, R&D center and sales office. In addition, from the past, there were a lot turbulence of exchange rates among countries. It's under fair competitions in the market. It gives a lot of meaning that , like SONY, most of Japanese electronics giants are getting less competitive in trying to make something creative. If you look at Apple, it's obvious that SONY is behind them. Apple doesn't have own factories. How come? due to the lack of marketing strategy.

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Based on the performance of Sony for the last few years, no one should have been getting these bonuses.... oh wait, every other poster said that. Funny how WE can understand that but Sony has taken years to figure it out....

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at this point sony is beyond help. They gave up on oled TV's. They just released duel core phones, a year after samsung released theirs. They have yet to release a quad core phone. Playstation is a failure. Shareholders need to bail while they can. On the consuming side, i switched over to samsung and life's been great.

Pointless bashing and causing flame war again. Just GTFO. Comparing Samsung to Sony makes me laugh while feeling disgusted. Guess you never heard of P900i. Please find some concrete backup for your meaningless arguments before coming back here.

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If their pay is based on performance, all the executives owe the company money due to the negative performance...

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at this point sony is beyond help. They gave up on oled TV's. They just released duel core phones, a year after samsung released theirs. They have yet to release a quad core phone. Playstation is a failure. Shareholders need to bail while they can. On the consuming side, i switched over to samsung and life's been great.

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