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Sony forecasts record profit after PlayStation 5 launch

By Shingo ITO

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I've resigned myself to waiting 2-3 years to get the mid-generation updated console. Went back to PC for now.

I'm hoping the console will have a sizeable library of decent exclusives by then. Congratulations on your purchase to anyone who was able to get their hands on one!

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I wonder if now is the time to apply for my dream job at Sony... xD

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¥6000 for one game, which probably lasts 2weeks or ¥1000 for Netflix unlimited movies which lasts a month..umm

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@Goodlucktoyou isn't it obvious? GAMES. Gamesmovies.

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Games are a lot better than movies imo.

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Their best decision ever is to drop the Japanese market in the long term. Good riddance!

Japanese consumers are not as rich as Western or Chinese consumers anymore. Sony was smart to pursue this path.

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Sony was once broken by Idei and Stringer terribly. It took long time to revive. However, its present share price is still much less than its record high of 16,590. (retroactive adjustment of stock split)

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@kokontozai given the circumstances under which Stringer took control of Sony, he did an excellent Job. All the blame is on Idei. Idei is the worst CEO ever known to man.

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