Sony halves forecast as yen, movie unit hammer profit


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I'm not suprised as Sony Pictures America have been given too much independence and spending money likes waters.

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Sony, or Sony Pictures in particular, is struggling? Could it possibly be to do with their poor business decisions and awful movies? Can't be, right? Surely it's the foreign exchange rate's fault.

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I don't get why these companies just think they are entitled to a good year and praying instead of changing anything. This is why so many Japanese companies are biting the dust, and why Abe thinking the 1980's model of doing business is worked, so why won't it now? is so stupid.

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will this be the next JP conglomerate to bite the dust?

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What a contrast to the company Sony used to deride as Maneshita.

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a strong yen? It has been around 120 and now still above 110!!!

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a strong yen also dug into the Japanese firm’s bottom line.

They ought divest themselves of (at least some of) their foreign exchange rate risk.

“What is desirable is for foreign exchange to stabilise,” Yoshida said.

Yeah... it's called a foreign exchange hedge.

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