Sony investors back CEO, directors despite losses


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Sell your shares, buy Samsung or Apple stock.

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At least they grumbled...I guess

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Who was not expecting downfall !!. Too much Bureaucracy, Unimaginative Business leaders and Product managers, Torpid sales team, Technology that is not able to find its way to End user. TV division is not making profit from 7-8 years, But no revival plan yet.Well, which shareholder will accept this.

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Too much Bureaucracy, Unimaginative Business leaders and Product managers, Torpid sales team

So 90% of Japanese businesses, then.

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"Sony has lost money in six of the seven past years, and is forecasting more red ink for the fiscal year through March 2015."

I humbly submit that even I could do better than this,,,

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“The best way to build our future is for Sony to remain Sony,

Hirai is nothing but nice platitutes -- all sizzle and no steak. He is an empty suit, just like the vast majority of Japanese senior managers. Since he knows no other way than Japanese style management, and the Sony version of that, he has nothing to fall back on in terms of experience on how to deal with crisis. So all he can offer up is "Sony to remail Sony". Seriously, to a person younger than 25, who lives outside of Japan, what the heck does that mean? He is clueless.

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Ir is time to buy Sony stocks while they are extremely cheap.

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Panasonic has done quite well as has Toshiba. Toyota is by far the world's preeminent auto maker, and Uniqlo is on its way to overtaking GAP. Japanese companies are making money hand over fist which makes Sony's plight all the more alarming.

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Still a ways to go before Sony's stock price finds it's true level. Currently it's over 1700 yen. When it goes below 1000 that's when I might consider it.

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SONY needs to pay attention and extra investment in Tablet, Smartphone and Software. Also SONY needs to stop making high-end Audio and Speakers. SONY should make affordable Audio and Speakers for developing countries. SONY High-end Audio equipment can not compete with US High-end Audio equipment.

SONY Smartphone models are not visible enough to Apple and Samsung smartphone. SONY needs smart marketing strategy for its Smartphone. The price needs to come down and think about value for money for customers.

All Japanese Companies should research about why Japanese Electronic makers are losing money and market to Company like Samsung before they are going to fix problems.

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Some notes about Sony, based on my own eperience:

a) Sony products are expensive and they don't offer better technology when comparing to Samsung. b) Samsung products have more features than Sony's products. For example, TVs have more USB or HDMI ports. c) Sony must integrate better with third party technologies. d) I remember like 10 years ago when I bought a Sony CD player and I became very disapointed that it could not play some CDs that I had recorded by myself. But CD players from LG or Samsung were able to. Also, I were very disapointed about some products I bought in Japan that I could not change the language. e) Sony products do not have a good design.

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Yesterday, Sony stock was $16.30. Today already $16.70.

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One investor got up to ask how Sony had lost its past glory, exemplified in the original 1979 Walkman portable player, stressing that he was disappointed in Hirai.

This investor has a little knowledge of Sony's past success story.

Let me begin. Sony took an advantage of US patent that was expired and scrapped from a use. Sony reviewed and modified the patent for their own product that later know as Walkman. It was NOT a Sony's innovation. Sony was very lucky and it worked. It was a little toy all nerds wanted to have. It was a big hit. Sony made a tons of money from Walkman.

Sony has not been catching up with a big bang innovation for the past 3 decades while Apple is coming up with a new product every year. . It has nothing to do with CEO's fault. I think he is the last hope for Sony. Hope he can turn it around.

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Sony stock price was $16.96 yesterday, Some investors are buying?

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