Sony posts Y126 bil loss


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Sony expects a net profit of 140 billion yen and an operating profit of 320 billion yen

Well that's good. I'd like to see them turn things around.

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I remember back in the 80s when Sony was the go to product. . I never understood how the electronic companies kinda fell off the rails . But the Japanese car companies Have not. . Can someone explain this to me

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@Stram5: it's similar to Germany. I remember when in Italy you saw Telefunken TVs everywhere. Today it's not like that anymore, but German cars are still very strong. I guess for emerging economies has been relatively easy to replace mature economies in consumer electronics , while they need more time to do the same in the automotive industry.

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@Stram5, I think it's Samsung and LG. If you travel outside of Japan, Samsung and LG products are everywhere, sold at higher prices than Sony products.

Even for cars, if you travel outside of Japan, only Toyota outsells Hyundai (which owns Kia). In that sense, Japan is a strange place, very different from the rest of the world. It's very easy to verify; just google for information in English.

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Jhony921. Hyundai hit a nice spot selling cheap crossovers to women. But. Hey my sister 2 years old i10 already had its engine dead. And the seller said that were 100 miles over oil change.

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Does Sony has any clue what it's doing?

Seems to me they rely too heavily on the old guard (Japan style since the beginning of time). Perhaps it would be a good idea to engage some of the younger, fresher Sony people to get some fresh perspective?

The days when the bosses at Sony decided what would sell are probably over, since I'm sure, in good, Japanese fashion, there are about a million risk-averse yes-men around, and that mentality is death.

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only Toyota outsells Hyundai (which owns Kia). firstly dont even compare the two brands Kia & Hyudai are only good for renatl cars after 3-4 yrs there rubbish. Toyota has built its reputation on relaiabilty which is why there so popular in the US Russia, middle east etc. hyundai kia samsung etc are heavily subsidised by the Korea government.

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