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Sony profit plunges 72% on strong yen


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people love the blame game, when it all comes down to it is themselves. who is the instigators of these "carry" trades anyways? i'm more interested in that.

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Little Big Planet will turn the tide

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Too bad as a retail seller they can't just book orders in YEn. Mitsubishi shipyards profits will be up becasue all of the work in progress was booked and will be paid in Yen which is now worth more.

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"Wow, nice one Sony. Blame it all on the strong yen wink wink"

Hey at least they didn't do what the rest of Japan is doing, blame it on "sub-prime" loans ! What's odd though is that SONY has offshored so many of its factories to other parts of Asia, that they would even consider reaching for the yen/dollar exchange rate card... how stupid !

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It wouldn't matter if Sony sold the highest grade widgets, when a country's currency appreciates 30% within a 5 month span, there is no time to adjust to its rise.

The PS3 was a super computer initially. The Japanese gave it rave reviews when it came out first in Japan. They know about graphic capabilities. Unfortunately, the system first unveiled cost more than $1000 to produce. They were in a battle to make BluRay the dominant player. So an inferior system was sold here. They won the Battle but lost the Playstation War. Too bad, I would have loved to have the original PS3.

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The strong yen, or the fact Sony products bite?

i think it is the latter part. Sony has lost its Brand Value, for manufacturing their products in near-by countries.

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And they blew huge amounts of money on the PS3, promising a super-computer, when its just a mediocre games system with a thin range of games.

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The strong yen, or the fact Sony products bite? Sony used be high quality, but about 5 years ago their standards really fell. I think its more the fact even Japanese folk laugh at Sony products.

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Wow, nice one Sony. Blame it all on the strong yen wink wink

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