Sony to close all 14 Canadian retail locations


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Sperry: Is there something going on in Canada we need to know about?

Browsed some articles on Target's closing and comments are that they were overpriced and had supply chain failings.

If Sony has to offer their products at higher price at their own stores than their vendors are selling for, due to supplier agreements or whatever, they should expect lower traffic than the vendors get. Attempting to emulate Apple stores with all Apple's cache and fanboi base is just that, an attempt.

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There are many avid gamers in Canada perhaps due to weather. Sony should focus their business on them.

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Funny thing. Target has just announced they are closing all 133 stores in Canada as well.

Is there something going on in Canada we need to know about?

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I heard Target is closing too....

@CanadianinJapan I think you know but Apple is not Japanese and what are they are closing is the direct retail stores not the provision of their goods....

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The one at the Eaton Center in Toronto has already been closed. I remember going there a few years ago, the Apple Store was packed with people and there were about 2 customers and 3-4 salesperson in the Sony store. We won't miss you Sony. Apple, the Koreans and Chinese will supply Canadians with high quality products for years to come...

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Not news, except for the people being laid off, and frankly, 90 across the country is miniscule. I own a Sony TV and didn't buy it from a Sony store. Go figure - it was cheaper where I bought it. Duh!

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