Sony to cut 1,000 jobs in smartphone business


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Bring back the walkman!

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But, according to Abe, his economic policies are strengthening the economy and creating more jobs. Bwahahaha!

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Meanwhile Apple announces amazing iPhone sales across all markets! Even the mighty Samsung has seen its market share taken by Apple on the high-end and low-cost Chinese makers on the low end. Sony will be out of the smartphone business before long...

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Wow, I would hate to be one of those 1,000. Hope they have some decent non-Sony connections to help with their mid-career job change. Oh, wait, this is Japan...

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why dont they axe this hirai person?

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A spokeswoman declined to comment beyond reiterating the company’s plans to announce a new, medium-term business plan including restructuring by the end of the fiscal year ending in March.

Can anyone say "Clueless"? When developments are over-running your last "medium-term business plan", write another one. Can usually gain the CEO at least another six months. Although, since as the article states, Sony has had to cut its earnings forecastssix times under Hirai, the clock is likley ticking.

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How come JT/Reuter's doesn't mention Hirai's first name or his position? Is this a new style rule for the Internet age?

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shame, Sony Xperia are fantastic devices,

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Does it really take 5000 people to design, build and sell a smartphone?

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It is sad. Sony has good smartphones, but Sony does not know how to sell them.

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Can't surivive being a Walmart in electronics. They have to become specialists at something they're good at. Good luck!

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