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Sony to cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation unit as layoffs in tech, gaming sector continue


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The coders may develop a programme that can siphon off corporate funds to their own accounts but via different systems that it is untraceable. I wouldn't prosecute, I'd just say the coders are "laying off" the executives.

No. Coders are not given that much access. They can only work on local installations of software before it is deployed.

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The coders may develop a programme that can siphon off corporate funds to their own accounts but via different systems that it is untraceable. I wouldn't prosecute, I'd just say the coders are "laying off" the executives.

Personally, I think the employees should get the same "golden parachutes" as the executives, or the same treatment.

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COVID made "visionary" CEOs dropped tons of money on "stay at home" gadgets, techs, entertainment, whatever. Then ChatGPT dropped, 2022, changed literally everything.

You may not feel any changes yet, but all the layoffs happening in 2023 and now, all can be pinpointed to the sudden appearance of ChatGPT. It disrupted all plans made by "visionary" CEOs during COVID.

Within 1 year, AI evolved from a toy generating silly images, to generating realistic videos. Just search youtube, full of videos of famous people speaking other languages natively with perfect lip sync. Are you a translator ? Your job is gone in a few years.

ChatGPT marks end of an era, and start of a new one, are you ready ? I'm sure as blue sky, green grass, I'm not.

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As someone working in this field, these layoffs don't really have to do with AI. During the Pandemic the consummation of media, particularly movies and games went up drastically, and as always when it comes to capitalism everyone only thinks short term and started pouring money into game dev, many of my friends smaller companies got investment offers left and right. Now that boom is over and things are starting to normalize. This is also a snowball effect where every big tech company is taking the chance to layoff people, as when everyone else does it, it makes it easier to do it yourself and escape the limelight and bashing that would normally occur.

What AI currently does though and what these companies want investment firms to think is that you will be making personalized games and movies in a year or so, but in reality it's nowhere near that kind of usage, but as they are not experts they are more likely to hold back on investments or just put that money into AI instead.

It's coming though, and in the future the only use we as humans might have is very custom manual work, so we either let humans die out or we make a support system so we don't have to work to live a decent life. Sadly this shouldn't even be a thing since it's all made on stolen content, but laws are slow, and these companies purposely scraped the whole internet of centuries of art and media content before it was even a thing, put it out there for free so even if it was deemed illegal there was no going back. In the meantime artists and creatives are the first to go, having to compete with software that wouldn't work if it wasn't fed the work of those same artists, crazy that not more is done about it, but everyone is just enjoying it until it comes for their job.

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Of course the problem aren't AI and LLM. Those are such intrinsically incapable and full of errors and additional workload due to need of output verification, that there's still plenty of room and need for programmers and creative developers etc. I guess the problem in the gaming industry is more kind of such, that they ignore what potential and real gamers WANT to play, not what they themselves think they should develop and offer. As an example look at that so-called eSports, which is still and probably remains a niche. The kind of games they play there semi-professionally are in fact completely unattractive for the usual gamer with the average wallet size and very different interests what should occur or be the content of a game worth spending money for. And the same on the bigger scale. If they don't offer the right and fitting games then there's no need to buy newer consoles or those games. In addition, many people nowadays are ok with those quick and cheaply developed little smartphone games, but that's another story. A coexistence for the market of portable games and on the other side stationary game experiences on PCs and game consoles is of course still possible.

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AI is a tool to help you do your job better.

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This is only the beginning.

Happening first in tech because they are the most ready to adapt AI.

Over the next 5-10 years the layoffs will accelerate exponentially. The vast majority of office jobs will be gone by 2035 and there will be no replacement jobs.

mostly only manual jobs will remain because there is a cost to building and maintaining robots.

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the AI and poor economy effect. just the beginning...

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Everyone I know is playing games online. Any platform will do.

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And that's a problem, especially in Japan, where, for example, the contractors have ZERO work protection, and can be lay off immediately, without any compensation, no advance notice, so they can start looking for other jobs. Not that the Permanent employees are doing any better.

The acute lack of work Syndicates and Unions here, only means no protection or no big compensation offered to the layed out working force.

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to cut about 900 jobs in its PlayStation unit as layoffs in tech, gaming sector continue

Layoff is part of gamification isn't it?

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Sony cited changes in the industry as a reason for the restructuring.

It is highly ironic, or just late stage capitalism, that the people who were told "learn to code" are the first victims of the wave of GLLM induced automation. Corporate oligarchs should be warned they are creating a group of dissatisfied, tech-savvy individuals.

It is also weird that all of these mass layoffs in tech do not seem to be reflected in the unemployment data of these nations.

Probably with all the low wage service jobs open with poverty wages.

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