Sony to make, donate face shields to Japanese hospitals


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Its too late. But anyway we hope that the Sony produce as soon as possible.

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So after we locked down and broke our financial systems, and after we have basically halfway acquired immunity and antibodies...the big companies will pump out PPE.

Hopefulky covid 19 will be dead in the water in a few months.

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Numbers and delivery date? Without this it is a meaningless gesture, and at worse a grab for positive PR headlines.

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As some have already pointed out it can be helped but viewed as a PR move. Just like the sharp mask that hit the market late at a price that can be classified as price gouging.

When mask was readily available online and non drug stores. I am sure Sharp is saddled with large stock of unsold mask.

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About 2 months late to the party ne Sony?

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Its too late.


About 2 months late to the party ne Sony?

Have you two ever worked in factory? Do you know how long does it take to retool a factory and establish a supply chain for a new product? I didn't think so.

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