Sony to sell chemical unit amid overhaul


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Must be nice to have something of that value to sell...

Sounds like sony may be streamlining to be more media focused

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SONY Corporation weak point is software division. SONY needs to recruit young software engineers in its Software department. All Apple goods are polishing with software finished and even Japanese young peoples fall in love with Apple. Also, SONY Electric Goods quality is not as good as before. Most middle income earners are prefer to buy good quality Made in Japan products and happy to pay more for good quality products. Consumers want to buy Made in Japan than Made in Korea or China. For example, I bought brand new Korea car Hyundai because it was recommended by car writer. It went go wrong from first day with losing power and also transmission was not very good. So I went back to tell dealer and I want to sell it after one month. I'll have to lose $ 4000 for car value and I only drove a thousand kilo meter. For quality, 10 years old Japanese car quality is a lot better than current Korea car even some of the European cars. Korean car look good but technology is not so good. Once SONY technology is one of the best in the world but today SONY is defeating by Korea Company. There’s definitely wrong with peoples in SONY. Current SONY employees do not have creative idea and less in marketing strategy. Japanese Companies are lost their track. They should promote Made in Japan goods along with Japanese Company goods made in China or somewhere else.

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