Sony to sell Tokyo building to fund its restructuring


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I've always been a Sony supporter, but 968 yen a share? At least their new smartphone, the Xperia Z, has gotten great reviews. Let's hope there's more well designed products in the pipeline.

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"Japan’s battered electronics sector has suffered from myriad problems including a high yen, slowing demand in key export markets, fierce overseas competition and strategic mistakes that left its finances in ruins."

And maybe some uninspiring products also?

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Sony stock price still has a PER of 48, hardly what you would call a good stock buy unless you really thought they had fantastic things in the pipeline that would greatly increase their profits over the next few years... They still have a ways to go.

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...oh, and as for the wonderfully reviewed Xperia Z... Their mobile business accounts for 1% of their business! That single sector is not going to fix Sony's woes. (For those not in Japan, the post above that says PER = P/R in common american terminology, which is the "Price earnings Ratio").

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I'm impressed these tech giants finally understand that it is no longer possible to act like they did 20-30 years ago. Soon, they might even have to cut the top dogs' kyabakura accounts... Nah, that would be to go too far.

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"Their mobile business accounts for 1% of their business! That single sector is not going to fix Sony's woes."

ItsMe: That may be true but anything north of 1% is better than recent sales, which have been going decidely south.

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How the mighty have fallen.

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