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Sony turnaround plan no great shakes, say analysts

By Peter Brieger

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10,000 job cuts bet theyll be outside Japan, truth is Sony will need to move most of its production outside Japan to stay competitive which means a lot of Japanese job cuts, unfortunately with years of procrastinating Sony is too far behind to catch up, as with many other J companies.

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Lots of cuts in Japan too.

Got calls from friends of my old company which was bought by Sony and they are being cut. Most of the J-Companies bought up start-ups a few years back and are now trimming dead-wood.

They do a LOT more than just electronics but also outsourcing, banking automation, etc.

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I hope to see Sony turn it around, as I've always loved their products. I've never bought anything from Sony that I wasn't impressed by.

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I guess in years to come there will be a relatively high unemployment rate in Japan too, just like some places in the US or Europe - certainly Tokyo is not going be the location where 25% of all the Japanese people want/have to live to make a living.

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Sony has little chance of winning back its reputation as an innovator or vaulting ahead of stronger rivals with the “ordinary” turnaround plan its new chief unveiled last week, analysts say

Spot on. Japan's institutionalized unwillingness to face the truth square on and make major changes as needed will be Sony's undoing. That along with the fact that the divsions there refuse to cooperate with each other, and that their leaders cannot truly bring about a culture change. They know only one way of managing, and all the senior executives who would have to be willing to implement any sweeping reforms have too much vested interest in the current structure, and came to Sony in the 70's, when it ruled. And, unfortunately, they still have that arrogance. 10,000 jobs is just a spit in the wind. As the analysts say they cannot cut their way back to prosperity, they must find innovative growth strategies and products. And they have not had those in years.

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before they can grow again, they have to cut and cut fast. and that's precisely what they are NOT doing.

(why keep TV business when it's a lost cause? why keep Sony pictures when it's about the only thing left at Sony that

can bring some much-needed cash?)

there won't even be 10000 jobs left at Sony pretty soon

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The electronics market is flooded and too many other companies have already moved their manufacturing to cheaper countries. I used to own quite a lot of Sony electronics, but the simple fact is, a lot of their products are also turning to crap along with the company.

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How do they lose money making televisions? I know the Koreans make great stuff and cheaper too, but still.

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What about the OLED TVs with integrated computers/Internet? I want OLED colours and internet/youtube in my TV. Sony can do it.

I did not know that they were smaller than Samsung.

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Samsung dwarfs Sony, as for global sales Toyota only out sold Samsung last year by $10billion, $135billion to $145billion

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More and more things about Japan just feels old... That goes for Sony and the other big tech giants. I get the feeling that now, when being a rich nation, complacency and contentment has fully set in and new ideas and inventive thinking is all but gone. What has Sony come up with in the last 30 years that was interesting? Sony will probably never dissappear but they would do well to streamline their business and focus on doing fewer things better.

Oh, an while they're at it, they might as well learn to not name products H/481-UM 32a. Go with easily recognizable model names.

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@timtak sony has crystal oled in the pipeworks as you can see on the youtube clip below though for now you can buy any sony lcd led tv with wifi youtube etc already integrated



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Sony is much larger then samsung, sont forget they own sony pictures, columbia, sony bmg music, sony computers, playsyation, financing etc to name a few. Samsungs strebgths are in its semiconductors which has beat toshiba as the worlds leader in semiconductors, ram etc

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@anglootaku- market cap of sony is about $18bil and is shrinking daily. that of samsung is about 10 times that of sony and growing.

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