Sony, Universal, Warner sue SiriusXM for royalties


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If they win money, I would love to know how many % will actually go to the artist.

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SoundExchange has nothing to do with the label, they are a publishing collection agencies. The labels are suing from their publishing arms, unless you are a label made band ie. sing this song please... or stupidly signed away your publishing rights artists should get around 90% of the money.

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They are trying to make a claim where their is no law to make a claim. They are trying to change the law to benefit themselves at the cost to the artists. As of now no one gets the money and SiriusXM has no obligation to pay.

If anything the artists should get all the money from their digital rights. =Not part of the old contracts.

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I didn't know about the pre 1972 rights. Now it make sense why there are so many oldies stations.

Considering Sony, Universal and Warner count for 90% or more of the music industry, I'd pay royalties if I were Sirius, before they'd cut me off.

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I have many, many friends tell me they have horror stories about SiruisXM in that they offer a "free" 3 or 6 month trial if you give them your credit or checking information. Then, they charge you during the trial and after you cancel. The medium and service is cool but the business SiruisXM itself is corrupt.

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