Sony unveils prototype EV, Afeela, to be made with Honda


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Looks like a Porsche Panamera....

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Spring 2026 delivery.

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Hard pass

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Much cooler looking than Tesla.

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I like the design. Owning an EV in Japan as opposed to America makes much more sense. Especially in the cities. A friend (Tesla owner) who makes trips between Dallas and Houston opts to borrow family member car because the time charging and always having to plan around the charging stop location. If it’s really cold then all projections of range go out the window. Eventually the technology will overcome these issues but this sudden push by the elites needs to be a gradual as tech and infrastructure catch up to all the problems that are often not looked at or ignored.

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Beautiful, Best of luck to two legends.

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I like the vehicle but dislike the name. "I feel ya" or "Ah feel your pain" (Mr. Clinton's favorite expression.) And then how will it translate into Japanese? "A-fee-ra"? "Afu-eera"? (Disclaimer: I am a Honda stockholder, so I hope it sells great.)

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Hmm,women-only car next?

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Looks like a 4 door hatch. Why is everything a 4 door hatch these days? Even the Civic Type R is a "hot" 4 door hatch. SUVs also look like this, but with a bit more clearance. Nothing new about this design. Mizuno looks like he is trying to be hip and trendy with his white shoes. Yuk! Wheels look like Tesla Model 3s. I'm not impressed. Don't get me wrong, I like Sony and I like Honda, but I'm not impressed by this car.

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Projected price point?

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Brand "Afeela" is just terrible, obviously made by a non-English speaker.

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looks nice, but too slow off the mark, and probably loaded with unnecessary features like a typical jp product is - albeit top of the range. at the end of the day, people will choose with their wallets, and this will be too late, too exxy

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Brand "Afeela" is just terrible, obviously made by a non-English speaker.

What gave you the silly idea cars names need to be in English?

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I've owned Hondas since 1993. Consulted for SONY for 4 yrs. Both usually make solid products, just double the estimated time for all the meetings required to get things right. Hopefully, this will be affordable and have range and standard charging that is compatible on highways. If it is another too costly vehicle, few will buy.

Note how Yasuhide Mizuno is going for the Steve Jobs look?

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What gave you the silly idea cars names need to be in English?

Don't bother marketing this EV outside of Japan then.

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Even the Civic Type R is a "hot" 4 door hatch.

Because hot car buyers are getting older, they are less flexible and is having trouble getting in and out of back seat.

Furthermore, cost reduction means fewer body styles being offered.

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Yeah, why would they ever sell cars with such absolutely stupid names like the Hyundai Elantra, or the Celesta, or the Creta, or the Bayon. How is Hyundai ever selling cars overseas with such stupid car names that are like nails on a chalkboard to English speakers?

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A nail, small nail, in the Tesla coffin.

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Sleek looking. Will get one when the Tesla wireless electricity is implemented.

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Saw on the news last night.

It's fully digital displays and offerings appears to put it above many competitors.

Truly cutting edge - but it won't be available for quite a while.

And the Afeela name is a bit cringy.

Official statement is that it comes from "A Feeling which is At the center of the mobility experience".

Perhaps they could borrow from Hondas robot days and call it "Asimo2", or Sony's Walkman days and call it "Driveman" or "AsiMan"

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