Sony withdraws from music business in Russia


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No loss...

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Ditto, no loss.

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Agreed. Relative to how badly they are losing in Ukraine, this is no loss.

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Hehe won't be long before the western conglomerates beg to be allowed back in. Sony will follow.

It will soon be just like the good ol' days with lots of money to be made again.

The oligarchs and the City of London are waiting.

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Why the rush? It's only been half a year. Guess it took some time to realize it really wouldn't harm their bottom line and so they can "take a stand" well after there rest of the world's major companies already did. Well... except Japan's. Most of those are still operating freely.

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Seems everyone is evacuating Russia - except the Russian military who are racing back to it on bicycles and foot to escape the Ukrainian military.

Putin should have stuck to shirtless pics on horses. He looked cool then.

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That’s not a ‘business’, because they handle that otherwise there in that former Iron curtain copy culture. No one considers or has money to buy music CDs. Mp3 downloads, complete album torrents or radio program capturing and file conversion, that’s how it mostly works there, and all of it has in common that it’s free , grey zone or illegal. There’s only a very small and insignificant niche to earn real rubles, dollars or yens, maybe some clubs, live concerts on stages , in garages, bunkers and so, when a favorite band or. techno DJ might sell some entry tickets, but that’s it.

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They should have done that a long time ago. Good move.

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Japan withdraws Sony from Russia and Russia withdraws gas, oil and wheat. Hmm...nice one Japan! Keep being a sheep to the US and NATO. Your future looks bright.

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Good move Sony. Now you can put more cash into making more important gangsta rap and bad movies in your bread-n-butter country.

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well done, sony

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Oh no!!! How am I going to get the latest Russian death metal and balalaika hits?

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You can't stop the Russians getting the latest cutting-edge sounds however hard we might try. I'm pretty sure they know other ways of getting Aerosmith and Rod Stewart cassettes.

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The Vlad cheerleader squad are predictably going down the trusted ‘I never liked (insert company / product / region of Ukraine’ anyway’ route.

Such fragile folks. Bad news most not be allowed!

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A continuation of international companies leaving Russia. Some say no loss but this means more Russians losing jobs in Russia. That all adds up and the longer Russia continues its ill conceived invasion, the more companies will pull out of Russia and more local jobs lost.

There is no upside for Russia losing international companies and all their investments in Russia. So yes, it is a loss. It certainly is not a positive for Russia.

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