Soon-to-be Panasonic scraps National Japan brand


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National/panasonic to just Panasonic branding. Good move matsushita.

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I'll miss the old National brand. It had a quaint Stalinist ring to it.

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I hate to see old brand names disappear, makes me feel very sad.

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Rival companies will continue to refer to it as "Maneshita," due to its propensity to speedily come up with imitations.

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Conservative marketing style, that’s why Panasonic failed in the market. Why these people hate “National” brand name. I will also miss the old National brand.

Without a proper survey in the market, they are going to remove “National” brand name. Panasonic will again suffer in the Non-Japanese market with its new brand name.

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I too liked the National brand I think Matsushita is making a mistake as the Panasonic brand doesn't really have any currency here or in places like the US

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It is a great pity that the National brand is to be 'retired'. I have fond memories from the early to mid-1960s of the invasion of Japanese transistor radios into Australia, an invasion spearheaded by National, Sanyo, and to a lesser extent Sony (also Toshiba, Sharp, Hitachi, NEC, AIWA, Crown, Silver, Standard, Japan Victor Co., even a Yashica ([I had one]). I will miss the big N and the red lightning bolts and the National word. The electric fan in my air-conditioned office is an early 1970s National (Made in Japan) and it is still pressed into service when the air-con fails. Those days certainly seemed to be 'simpler'. Long live the brand name NATIONAL ! There is no real reason why you could not still serve us well. LeW

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