S Korea orders truckers in cement industry back to jobs

By Heekyong Yang and Joyce Lee

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No one takes Yoon seriously in Korea, his "order" will be ignored by the union.

The situation is so bad the Democratic party that they just threw out Yoon's budget submission in the parliament and is rewriting the budget to their likings.

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The South Korean government didn’t think this through. Anyway they are not going to work so how does 30 days of license suspension help? Let them suspend all then who will mixthe cement? Idiots

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Yoon as bad as Kishida.

And both "yes" men for the US.

Regardless of party affiliation, it's apparent the people don't like either of them.

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Yoon will get his way because that's how it is in SK. But I support the drivers.

If there's one thing about SK, it's that labour is not appreciated enough.

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Mr. Yoon is on record advocating a 120 hour work week ( ! ), opposing former President Moons policy of a maximum 52 hour work week and deregulating food safety standards because, in his opinion, "poor people should be allowed to eat substandard food for lower prices".

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South Korean workers have more balls than Japanese ones. Kudo to the Koreans!

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Not only are the truck drivers giving Mr. Yoon the middle finger, but transit workers have gone on strike too.

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