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Southeast Asia banks on aviation boom

By Alexis Hontang and Suy Se

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Going to Thailand next month. And Singapore.

Hope they speed up the immigration counters.

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fueled by Chinese and Indian tourists.

Ugh, need to find somewhere they will not be. I'll try where that article photo is, which is Sint Maarten in the Caribbean Sea, no where near South East Asia.

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Flying is now, no longer a pleasure.

It’s taking hours to go through the security and bag check in procedures.

Bangkok’s main airport is horrendous at almost any time of the day, especially when immigration desks are closed, as was the case when I visited, several weeks ago.

Also, the increasing number of planes leads to more pollution whilst the conditions on the planes are dire!


No thanks!

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Perfect timing when people should flight less not more because of environmental issues.

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