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Sponsors of Tokyo's unpopular Olympics face branding dilemma

By Etienne BALMER

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The BIG ‘takeaway’: “The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games brand has lost its good reputation completely," said Taisuke Matsumoto, a business lawyer and sports sector expert.

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Not a fan of big corporations profiting while taxpayers are left holding the bag but,…

Why is Toyota editorially singled-out for the accompanying photo when so many other brands have chosen to continue to be part of Tokyo’s Games?

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At least the big cats here are sharing some of the pain from the GREAT losses experienced by Japan’s small businesses over the last 18 months.

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The JOC’s Seiko Hashimoto motto warned them in Sept from Abe’s house, the Games will be held “At ANY Cost?” - just have to ‘suck it up’ like everyone else.

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It's simple, the big donors want to have it both ways. They could have spoken up earlier and pulled all advertisments and funding but they didn't. Now with this PR dilemma, they're going to play the CSR card, no hoorah from me, totally disgusting.

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ll Tokyo 2020 sponsors, told AFP their top brass will skip the opening.

No dillema just pull out support in other form.

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Lukewarm measures are not going to be effective at pleasing neither the people that are against the games nor those that support them, they look bad to both.

This is a hell of their own making, they could have pulled out or openly criticize the games, giving them at least a little moral ground, or just go all the way and proudly support the COVID games then at least they would be seen as greedy but not hypocritical and at least get business from the people that are actually supporting the games.

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These companies should've never sponsored these Olympics to begin with. The morality of funding these games at the expense of helping Tohoku was and is a shame these sponsors should feel.

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Get out of any association with this deplorable event while you can. Remove all olympic signage from websites, withdraw all ads and take down all billboards.

At this point only brainless morons and dropkicks are supporting the olympics.

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It wasn't supposed to be like this, with the Games expected to provide a valuable promotional platform as millions flocked to Japan or watched the Olympics on television.

Not what the Olympics originally was.

Before it was the athletes abilities, now it turned into a money grabbing promotions thing.

Past fifty years it has been more about advertising products, etc than the athletics.

This runner wears these sport shoes and drinks this drink.

No longer this runner is the winner due to training and pushing their limits and nothing to do with their shoes or what they drink..

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I acquired employment recently in a Toyota dealership right up the street from my house, let me assure you, there is no shortage of Toyota customers.

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The writer of the article has forgotten Coca Cola, the purveyor of flavored water which was in full Olympic advertising mode a full year before the 2020 date…

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