Square watermelons ready to be shipped across Japan


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"I hope they will have their spirits lifted when they see the square watermelons."

Yes, the sight of melons of all shapes and sizes can brighten someone's day. Mmmmm, melons!

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10,000 yen for a damn watermelon...sheesh

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I prefer my fruit with less water and more flavour, not to mention a damn sight less expensive. But if you want to eat expensive fructose, why not.

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Waste of money. But at least we don't have to hear a sob story about how the square-watermelon market is suffering due to Corona and how the government is stepping in to help the unique business not go under, and will tie in the fireworks companies to throw square-watermelon parties and "cheer up" the nation (where they could do the same by giving further assistance).

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Try to sell a square shaped watermelon worth of 10k yen somewhere in Central Europe and people will think you're outright mental. Try to sell any Japanese overpriced fruit for that matter… still can't understand the Japanese take on fruits.

My Japanese friends sometime ridicule me for trying to maintain (as much as my bank account allows) the habit of eating fruit somewhat regularly as part of my normal diet. They don't understand and see it as if I ate sweets. I eat a whole apple, they'd take two slices and leave the rest for another day. Can't comprehend. However, I give it to them they may have a slight point given the Japanese obsession with fruit being ultra sweet.

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10,000 yen for a damn watermelon...sheesh

What’s worse is they are inedible. Harvested before ripening to keep the shape, purely ornamental. What a waste...

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Good idea . . . can pack more melons in a container . . . must cut down on shipping costs.

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

10,000 for a STRESSED OUT Melon?? People will do anything to make a $, Square-watermelon, twisted Zucchini, what is next? a Square Egg??

I guarantee it doesn't taste any different than the 680 jpy melon at the friendly local fruits stand.

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I guarantee it doesn't taste any different than the 680 jpy melon at the friendly local fruits stand.

I guarantee it does. You can eat the ¥680 one, these are inedible and purely for decoration.

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I guarantee it doesn't taste any different than the 680 jpy melon at the friendly local fruits stand.

As it's inedible, as clearly stated in the article, I would think it actually tastes worse than a standard watermelon.

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No one cares.

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Year after year, same story. Eech!

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What-a melon!

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That is an example of horrible genetically modified fruit gone wrong. It can't be healthy to eat gmo watermelon, has anyone gotten sick from it yet?

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It is simply, not Natural.

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What is the point of inedible watermelon?

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Inedible fruit selling at 10,000 yen...

OK - I have some mold encrusted bread, shaped like a sunken decaying Japanese battleship ... anyone wish to buy that for, say 100,000 yen apiece ? Come on, National Pride.. this must surely be a bargin.

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not gmo, just grown in square containers as the article states

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The melons were inedible when placed in the plastic boxes.

All written in the past tense.

Then the melons the plastic box until harvest.

Now edible....eatable....enjoy.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Then the melons the plastic box until harvest.

That’s not how it works

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Upon further research, I was incorrect about these melons.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

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