Job vacancies in Britain hit record high


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Can't wait for this to happen everywhere.

Once they have vaccinated the old and those with secondary illnesses this should be the norm around the world!

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What happened to covering one's nose with the face mask? As my wife would exclaim "brain thinking!"

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Three cheers for Boris and his brexiteering cronies , hope they are paying a living wage these days

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Mask hysteria being proven to be a bit of a myth. Whatever else is true about the UK, their opening up and getting rid of all the pointless mandates is the right course to take

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Yes, but they're all rubbish jobs like waitering, bartending, delivering food etc..

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Wondering to know if there are jobs for people over 58 years old

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Nice photo with all those people who couldnt wait to get out there and drink and talk about themselves because it’s their right.

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The job vacancies are in the wrong areas because it is caused by a lack of unskilled immigration from overseas. You will go to the situation where university graduates are working at starbucks full time etc... if you continue down this path.

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Mostly gig economy jobs, low paid with little prospects. There are specialist jobs with vacancies, but these have always had problems recruiting due to skills shortages.

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they're all rubbish jobs like waitering, bartending, delivering food

What a problem do you have with that kind of work? The problem is the low payment, no one can have a real life from, not that job itself. Many would immediately change their current much harder job for some waitering, delivering etc. if it would be paid sufficiently.

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Wow ! Tequila shots ! Those were the days

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Would it be better to stay in Japan and have no job or be in the UK and have a job?

I preferred to go and get a job and I’m in the UK now…

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The latest figures have raised hopes that the British government's decision to bring an end to a salary support scheme it introduced at the outset of the pandemic will not lead to big job losses.

Under the Job Retention Scheme, the government paid 80% of the salaries of those workers unable to work because of lockdown measures. The program, which is being phased out and is due to finish at the end of September, helped support over 11 million people but the number now is down below the 2 million mark as many sectors have reopened, notably hospitality.

Like in the US, time for the "hero, essential" workers to get back on the front lines working for the minimum.

But at least UK workers had a year of this support, unlike in Japan with ongoing support only to businesses which mostly cut their staff in exchange for not serving alcohol and closing at 8.

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Brexit chased out many of the Poles, Czechs, Lithuanians and other eastern Europeans who offended their tender English sensibilities so much, now they have a lot of jobs to fill. Not surprising at all.

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Mask hysteria being proven to be a bit of a myth. Whatever else is true about the UK, their opening up and getting rid of all the pointless mandates is the right course to take

800 new Covid-19 cases and 90 Covid-19 deaths per day. Sounds like the winning plan. That labor shortage is going to keep growing. Great job Great Britain. A nation to be proud of.

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Pre-Brexit/Covid, with migrant labour supporting the general economy and making up the numbers where needed, there was no real unemployment problem. 'Migrants stealing the jobs of locals' was political hype to promote Brexit (and, often, hate crime).

The UK now has gaps on supermarket shelves as so many migrant workers were chased out or repatriated. There are problems with harvesting food, reducing food security. More will have to be imported as a result, effectively shifting work and profits abroad.

There are not enough factory workers or lorry drivers, so supply chains are stuffed.

But it is a good place to open a large business as Johnson is handing out sacks of cash to anyone willing to operate here and make Brexit look good. He is buying jobs, one of many policies he has pinched from the opposition.

Masks were never generally mandated in the UK. Only for shops and transport. That may have been a major contributor to the higher death rates.

Quarantine is still required for 'red list' (most) countries, even if you are fully vaccinated. And women have been sexually harassed in quarantine hotels by the staff guarding them, so keep your wits about you.

Despite school closures during lockdown, this year's exam results (teacher graded, not exam-based) have been very high, like a Soviet wheat harvest. I think they are trying to fill universities with Brits to keep foreign students away.

The vaccinations have gone well. AZ was deployed alongside Pfizer and vaccine hesitancy is negligible. The focus now is on incentivising vaccinations for teenagers. The vulnerable will probably get Autumn boosters.

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