Stainless steel, broken glass and buzz: Tesla makes a pickup


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Will they increase the polygon count for the final render?

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.. you can take a Toyota Land Cruiser 500 miles into the Australian outback (that is 500 mines away from any source of electricity). You can be sure it'll safely bring you back without any issue. It's two tanks can store A LOT of fuel, and a Land Cruiser is a extremely reliable and capable machine. Can you say the same about this hipster-mobile Elon Musk is trying to sell?

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you can take a Toyota Land Cruiser 500 miles into the Australian outback (that is 500 mines away from any source of electricity).  Australia outback has a lot of intense free sunlight, pack a dozen or so flexible solar panels in your truck , couple days of charging should get you back to civilisation. anybody whos going 4WD in remote areas by themselves should take plenty of water and a satellite phone and GPS, there is no excuse in today's age to get lost/ run out of fuel and dying because no help came

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This was so painful to watch. The thing looks awful. Pontaic Aztec coming to mind is dead on! The glass stunt was hilarious. I will give to musk though he did say "room for improvement" UNDERSTATEMENT!

There is going to be a day we will all driving EV vehicles and gasoline/diesel engines will be a pain to own as governments try to make owning one very difficult. This is what I think will happen but way way way down the road. A conversation for another day.

The Bollinger truck is miles ahead of this monstrosity Tesla is trying to sell to the world.

Very painful to watch.


At my place of work looking forward to seeing this on the showroom my floors soon at all Porsche centers.

And there is the Rivian - Electric Adventure Vehicle.

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Interesting that the vehicle's strength comes from its body, not a chassis. But no one who uses a truck for a living will buy it: They'd be laughed at everywhere.

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Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen hurled a softball-sized metal ball at the driver’s side window to demonstrate the strength of the glass,

It would seem that noone had actually thrown a "softball sized metal ball at the driver's side window" before to see if it would break the glass.

Makes you wonder what other simple tests have not been carried out.

Like range in real conditions for example.


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take a Toyota 500 miles into the Australian Outback.

Unless you were Lord Humungus,

who in their right mind would want to do such a thing without a Falcon XB GT Interceptor?

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... The solar panel guy. WTF Japan? You have no idea what you're talking about. You'd need hundreds of square meters to charge that car, unless you want to move a few meters a day only.

But I dig the Mad Max references :).

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He handled it well. Everyone I know who has a Tesla (2 persons) loves it. I would try one if I had the cash.

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I’m an old truck loving geezer, and an good electric truck has my attention. Even that ugly thing. Reliability, toughness (forget that metal glass. Nobody’s gonna be throwing steel balls at it), real long range, at least 450 miles loaded, 350 towing, and easily, quickly charged. I’m glad Ford, Rivian, others are making electric trucks.

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Played with battery operated cars when I was young. Batteries don't last. Kid stuff. Guess he doesn't have a design dept. And, here in America to have a bullet proof vehicle you need permission from FBI, Secret Service and the like. Just think how police depts. will respond, they have difficult time capturing criminals now. Last but not least, terrorists around the world and here will love to have one. The guys a joke.

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I live in the USA and I'm not an Elon fanboy but man I felt embarrassed for the guy. Just painful to watch that mess.

Having said that, I drive a Toyota 4Runner here in Texas and I'll never give it up except for another new Toyota 4Runner.

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Stickdrifter, Reese... "painful to watch"?

Tesla reports that 146,000 units of the vehicle have already been preordered

in less than 48 hours, with a value of approximately 8 BILLION USD.

But I guess you're both used to being wrong by now...

Enjoy your antique Toyota rust-buckets.

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Tesla does comedy!

Thought it was brilliant!

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That is the ugliest vehicle I have ever seen but I'm sure a few DB lawyers in L.A. will buy one.

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No offence, personal opinion, but this is why you don't design cars as if they're going to be a part of the next Deus Ex or Blade Runner...

A new Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, for example, are modern, futuristic looking (that's the trend with everything nowadays anyway). This thing here... looks like they stopped designing it about 40% in.

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But, but, but, will it be a future back to the future DeLorean?

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