Starbucks asks labor board to halt union votes temporarily


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Hmm, as always the corporate monoliths show their true colors. Resulting from a Union drive in 2001, Amazon let go of most of its non-development workers in Seattle and set up new offices in low wage & real estate markets in West Virginia. I was among those who were let go.

In both of their histories their tactics for market domination resulted in the closure of hundreds of small businesses…

Why ‘we’ continue to support them is beyond my comprehension.

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Huh? Only allowing mail in ballots, and no in-person voting? I guess Starbucks is just following along with the current politics in the US, and the only votes that count are one's that favor them!

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The new robber barons! Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, etc...

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Go ahead and unionize. Then, the price of products will become even more exorbitantly high that even the most leftist customers will rebuff the pricing. And while at it, why not raise the hourly wages to $200 per hour (or the local equivalent)? That would be a "living wage".

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Union busting and lies. Give the bosess ceremonial brooms and rugs to sweep the truth under.

The truth is Starbucks employees are exploited. If you like Starbucks coffee please like the employees and stand up for them and their union.

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Unions do at times, offer the Employees a collective voice on issues that all share a common stance over. This is certainly a good thing, however individuals in charge of those Unions, can at times be seen as playing Power Politics - which is a bad thing.

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