Starbucks closing 16 U.S. stores for safety issues


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More like union issues! I’ll never understand why people think their smarter than these large corporations. They will always find away to keep themselves from being unionized.

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All blue cities, naturally.

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Short of hiring an off-duty cop to monitor the toilets, there isn't much Starbucks can do when a drug dealer decides to make the toilet his new office location. If the employees call the police every time, soon they will be targets. Closing the stores is the pacifist solution, and if it also removes a union location, the company isn't unhappy about that too, purely as an accidental plus, not planned at all.

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Funny how they get all excited about worker safety only when the workers start trying to form unions, isn't it?

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@Joe Blow

'All blue cities.'

This is very true and the blue policies are destroying USA. I'm amazed your comment is still up as this paper is rather blue too. They always favor the left leaning comments.

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Thefu,when has a Starbucks been in the hood,Union busting

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Blue cities? Are you sure? lol They are highest probably of any other colors, exempt of white and blue.

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