Starbucks to buy full control of Japan unit for $914 million


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If they are moving their headquarter in japan its good news, so jobs will increase in japan.

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All non smoking coffee shop! Just that makes the coffee better.

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They are not moving their headquarters to Japan.

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Sazaby selling this doesn't make a lot of sense. What will they do with this money now? Same with Sumitomo selling out it's position in 3M Japan, both are profitable stable companies, why sell them? I hope they have plan as to what to do with this. If it were me, I would use it to purchase Starbux's stock

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So what'll change? Anything?

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I think it's good news...because they expect Japan to have an increase in tourism and business they can guarantee a consistent and reliably distributed globally recognized comfort product. ...And the more caffeinated we can get them going in Japan...the more they will eat and shop and support local Japanese industry and institutions. -It's great news for Japan, I'd wager. It means the economy is going to pick up thanks to the lower yen...and lots of caffeine. -You're welcome, Japan.

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900 million sounds pretty cheap for the profit they will surely get in return.

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After noticing that the the Starbucks Ueno/Okachimachi store had a large enclosed smoking area (which was completely empty except for one or 2 smokers, despite several people waiting for seats in a packed non-smoking area), i made a complaint to Starbucks Japan saying that i thought Starbucks was supposed to be completely smoke-free.

They responded that since they are independent of the US chain, they do have smoking in some of their cafes. I wonder if this purchase will reverse that decision and make it all smoke-free again?

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Starbucks does not like having franchises, it's one of their corporate values. They probably bought out their Japanese partners to have more control in the operations. Likely some of the representatives with the joint company will be folded into Starbucks corporate, so no changes overall.

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Why would anyone want to drink Starbucks coffee? It tastes absolutely awful. It seems people who like to frequent Starbucks have either never drunken good coffee or have lost that taste.

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@CGB Spender i guess you have never drank Japanese coffee.

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Now maybe they will have good food. The crap the Starbucks tries to pass off as food in Japan is overpriced crap. Nothing in the sandwiches, although the sweets are not bad.

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Augh, taste of coffee is very much a subjective thing. Having said that Starbucks is the original francise that basically placed so much on top to mask the actual taste. The only way I drink a cup of coffee is black.

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The management of Starbucks Japan has long been unstable, and changed a number of times. As mentioned by others, the food they serve is inedible. The coffee is so-so. Also unlike America, they were never successful with music, and only kept small, hidden, random stock of goods.

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May be they are not yet aware of the 7-11 high quality coffee for only a 100 yen, that cut my more than 10 years business relation with DOUTOUR. It's now rumored that 7-11 on certain location may add a terrace and tables. I believe the future of those who profit selling coffee for over 200 yen is uncertain

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well all that i need to know is if it will bring jobs in japan. one reporter on BBC said they can expand in japan where it can bring more jobs in the country.

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One thing that Starbucks did is most of their stores in Japan are strictly non-smoking, which has attracted a large group of customers (especially women) to the place. I'm surprised placed like Doutour and the various coffee houses owned by UCC haven't followed Starbucks' example and made their stores non-smoking by now.

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@DennisBauer I buy Japanese coffee or imported coffee beans and both taste equally good when prepared properly. Most cafe chains' coffee incl. SB taste downright awful. I rather go to an old style kissaten because the coffee will simply taste much better.

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