Steady need for new planes despite pandemic: Airbus

By Mathieu Rabechault

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Boeing Airbus

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Compared with previous generations of planes the newest versions save 15-20 percent on fuel


Do not expect a 10 to 20 percent reduction in fares.


Why not develop airships for short hauls as they would use less fuel.

Like from London to Paris to Madrid.

Also airships would be useful in areas without landing strips and they can hover for days unlike a helicopter.

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Read an article yesterday saying that by 2029, United Airlines wants to bring back supersonic passenger flights across the Pacific and the Atlantic. The new planes will carry between 85 and 100 passengers, and tickets will go for about $5,000, one way.

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yet the Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago, "Air travel will take at least 15 years to get back to pre-Covid levels."

So which to believe.

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Air bus advertising team must be slow, since October 2021 Alitalia had changed their name. Please have names of airlines correctly.

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