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Asia stocks track Wall Street gains, Japan shares hit record high


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The Nasdaq composite led the market with a gain of 0.9%, to 38,996.39 

Heh, I wish.

So many big numbers these days, it’s easy for mistakes to slip through.

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Imagine, US GDP growing 3.2% in Q4, about the same projected for Q1 per Atlanta GDP tracker. Yet CNBC today writes that US Govt. Deficit Spending, now approx. $1 Trillion Every 100 days, or over $3.5 Trillion for FY.

That's 13 or 14% of GDP in US deficit spending, with low unemployment and yet GDP remains around 3%. Other than Govt. spending, everything else quite negative.

Corp's making lots of $ with Govt. spending, consumers, not so much, just high prices and continued inflation!

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Right, top number above DJIA, about 39K, record like Nikkei, but S&P 500 and NAZDAQ also record levels.

Keep in mind US the larger bond markets, not doing well, seems time to rotate is upon us, as US economy being 'propped' up with crazy Govt. spending (see above). Will not end well, as Biden's desperate to avoid a technical recession this year with Nov election.

Consumers getting crushed with high prices, continued inflation and high interest rates as Corp's $price gouging profiteering (and inflationary!) continues full stop.

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Question that's worth asking, if US Govt. deficits running at approx. $3.7 Trillion run-rate currently (Per CNBC), call it 14% of GDP, how can FRB cut rates? Especially as unemployment remains low and wage gains have accelerated since last summer. Inflation likely picking up.

Markets will not like rate cuts being pushed back as people rotate into bonds, that gets UGLY....

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