Stocks close 0.60% higher


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With lower yen increasing import prices, Abe's 2% inflation target is reached sooner rather than later. Abe has promised to stop QE then. But can he do that since it would bring forth an epic stock market crash? No!

Japan is probably facing massive inflation. Be careful what you wish for, for it may come true.

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"Tokyo shares rose 0.60% on Thursday as investors bet on Japan’s economic recovery while looking ahead to a central bank policy meeting to see if it will announce any more stimulus measures."

This statement is a bit misleading as "investors" are actually betting on their investments (most likely in exporter companies equities) to recover/gain. It has nothing to do directly with "Japan's economic recovery." Let's remember that only 17% of Japan's economy is export-driven... the other 87% suffer variously when the yen is artificially weakened (including all the Mrs. Watanabe's, too)...

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