Stocks close 2.80% higher as yen further weakens


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Dometic investors like myself, and large corporations etc. Sellers aren't just selling the JPY, the gov't is dumping cash into the system (or will dump cash etc)

This be some fun times ^_^

Easy money is always nice, as long as you can play the game

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The yen hit its lowest level in nearly four years against the dollar in Asia on Monday as traders continue to sell the unit following the Bank of Japan’s sweeping monetary easing announcement last week

Someone care to explain this to me? If the traders are selling JPY, who is buying the stocks? You need JPY to buy Japanese stocks. Are purchases done by domestic investors who already have the cash and do not need to convert into JPY?

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The yen devaluation won't last.

Your own words, umbrella

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The yen will not stop weakening as it is the world's weakest currency, a joke money. There's no stopping the currency falling and it will continue until Abe is booted out. I hope wages will rise to meet the massive increase in prices coming. Ha ha!

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