Struggling in India, Toyota asks Daihatsu minicar unit to help

By Norihiko Shirouzu and Aditi Shah

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The problem lies in cooperation with Indian company, and the problem with workers strike , but the most importantly, the Indian version are the most ugliest and cheap looking Toyota cars in the world , sadly, I like Toyota, but those cars made there are horribly designed, and of course, with workers that are so negative against Toyota, the quality of work done on those cars are also questionable.

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If i were to choose between quality or price, I'd always choose quality of course. I wouldn't keep my extra 1000usd to save now, but then spends hours and 1000usd to fix my cheap car after just a few months of purchase.

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Toyota Motor could become successful in India if launches a small car, with auto gear ,giving maximum milage on both petrol and CNG per litre. Other car manufacturers have been able to sell their more cars due to local manufacturing using readily available high quality auto parts and highly skilled manpower which go a long way in reducing the cost of production and sell their cars within India which itself offers a huge market and export their surplus production world over using India as a manufacturing hub. Shining example of using this mode of production is Maruti Suzuki which is operating at present five car plants in India and is the market leader and launches various new models every year to retain leadership in the higly competitive market. Indian people love Toyota cars provided it makes available right models to suit their needs at competitive prices in the market.

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My guess: we will see a version of the second-generation Toyota Aygo sold in India (the Aygo's second-generation model was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year), manufactured in India with assistance from Daihatsu. And unlike the Datsun Go, the Indian market Aygo will likely be vastly safer, since the Aygo was designed with EuroNCAP safety certification in mind.

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Wow, the comments here are very well informed. I don't have much more to add. Nice jobs fellows! A pleasant change here. As Sharma said, Toyota needs to source more locally built parts. As it makes for cheaper parts, as well as builds up a bit of good will. Only thing to watch out for, is to not go too cheap, like the Tata Nano. People see that as a poor person's car.

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