Struggling WeWork mulls bailout deals with SoftBank, JP Morgan


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Lets hope Softbank don't touch it!

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Yep Softbank - the last refuge for any failing business model to find easy money.  Shovelling their hard earned into all these useless start ups in the hope that one or 2 pay off.

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Softbank wants to buy the company. The company is trying to sell to JPMorgan instead. Jamie Dimon isn't going to buy that company unless it is absolutely pennies on the dollar where a complete company failure wouldn't really harm JPMorgan's balance sheet.

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Talk about a sudden rise and fall!

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Real Estate Market is always a volatile business environment and risky an investment. The firm valuation was stated as $47 billion in January 2019 and now it was worth less than $ 20 billion.

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Shovelling their hard earned....

Much of the money came from Mideast oil and a Japanese oligopoly. Not my definition of "hard earned."

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The only realistic survival opportunity is through Softbank. They have the pockets, the will and the potential to turn this mess around.

However, Wework will have to be reduced to maybe a third of its current size and than grown again on solid footing instead of air and cheap talk. It will take anything from 18 months to 5 years, to make any money for Weworks and JP Morgan does not have that patience and it would be hard for them to push their clients into stepping into such a situation unless, Softbank leads the way. 

But Softbank has the power to go it alone, and if they decide not to take their losses and cut Wework loose they will not want to share their hard work and efforts with JP Morgan, sitting on the side , risking little looking for big gains. If I was at WeWork, I would be very nice to Mr Son, right now.

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