Subaru recalls cars, SUVs in U.S. for engine control, debris trouble


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Debris falls into motor?

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The real problem with Subaru is its garbage CVT transmission.

Never and ever buy Nissans, Subaru, and Mitsubishi with garbage JATCO CVT transmissions.

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Nothing mentioned in the above article has anything to do with CVT transmisions, which have succesfully been in use for well over 10 years. In addition to Nissans, Subaru,Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi models, they are also used by some Fords, Chryslers, Dodges and Jeeps. I'd take any of those over some Korean made garbage.

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which have succesfully been in use for well over 10 years

CVT HAS NOT been successfully used for 10 years, with multiple class action lawsuits filed against Nissan and Subaru for defective transmissions.

Yes, CVT can be successfully used on Kei cars with limited horsepower, but they do not work on high power cars sold in Western markets.

Even Honda whose reputation for durability is taking a nosedive thanks to the CVT.

So the common sense among US auto shopper is "Avoid CVT cars at all cost!".

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The article has nothing to do with CVT transmissions. They have been and continue to be used in large vehicles such asthe Nissan Murano for over 10 years . That's as far from a "Kei car" as you can get. You can stop posting complete fabrications.

Sales in the U.S. as of Sept 2019 of Nissan/Toyota/Mitsubishi-30.9%, Ford/GM-30.1%.....Hyundai/KIA-7.7%.

The only consumers who buy Korean made cars are those who can't afford a Japanese, American or European one. The common sense among U.S. consumers,(excluding poor students and lower income families) is "avoid Korean cars at all costs".

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