Subaru XV to premiere at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show


Fuji Heavy Industries, the manufacturer of Subaru vehicles, said Wednesday that it will unveil the all-new Subaru XV at the 64th Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The Subaru XV represents a new generation of crossover vehicle. It is the production version of the Subaru XV Concept displayed at the Shanghai motor show in April. Fuji Heavy said the concept was favorably received globally due to its trendy design and urban-friendly image.

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As a Legacy owner I was really hoping Subaru would get their act together with this new car. Unfortunately it looks like another betrayal: "Urban friendly" and "trendy design" are not qualities loyal Subaru owners are looking for.

This new concept car looks like a cheap redesign of the Impreza XV.

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So, where's a photo to go with this great news.

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Looks like a smaller version of Toyota's Harrier or Lexus R300 with an Impreza back-end, maybe the influence of all those Toyota-owned shares?

What's wrong with developing further their current Forester model, an award winning compact SUV/ X-over model itself.

Most Subaru owners are drivers who enjoy manual transmission, AWD and a car that is eminently driveable, they are not steering wheel attendants like Toyota and NIssan produce...

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